The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Is Now Available On DVD

You can now get The Grand Tour on DVD for just £38.99 if you live in the UK.

Fans of the Grand Tour can now watch the famous motoring show without having to go through the trouble of subscribing to Amazon Prime, which adds up to a total of $119.99 per year, or £79 for UK residents. Those individuals who cannot stream The Grand Tour online may now order a hard copy from Amazon itself. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are available on this set, and unlike streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, when the internet inevitably goes out you can still watch.

This DVD set includes every episode from when they first pitched the legendary tent, to when they took it down forever. Unfortunately at this time, Amazon is not currently including all seasons of the Grand Tour in this set. So you will not have the pleasure of receiving Seamen right to your front door. 

There will soon likely be a fourth season added to this set including the much anticipated Madagascar special. The Madagascar special was set to air months ago and has since been delayed. This has caused a massive uproar from eager fans, and you can understand their frustration. The special has been wrapped up, fully edited and ready for release for quite some time; but all it has done is collect dust on the shelves at Amazon HQ. So what exactly are they waiting for? 

There is, however, a glimmer of hope for eager Grand Tour fans awaiting their show. With filming being wrapped up in the new Scotland special, we are sure to be closer than ever to the release date of the Madagascar special. The boys were spotted in Scotland driving 3 American classic cars and also towing caravans. So, all signs are pointing to a release date this year.

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    1. No word from Amazon on that yet. As of now it is not available to ship to the United States…I want a DVD set too!!!

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