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The Telegraph Tells The Grand Tour To End After Calling It “Rustbucket TV”

With the next episode of The Grand Tour open to fans to watch on Amazon Prime Video, the reviews are now flooding in for A Massive Hunt. While we gave them a, mostly, glowing review, and while we admitted there were some problems with the episode, we’re glad to see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May embrace their Top Gear roots and move from boats back to cars again. Phew.

But other websites weren’t so positive. One website stood out above the rest however, calling the episode “rustbucket TV”. The Telegraph couldn’t have been more slating of The Grand Tour hosts as they travel across Madagascar in search of hidden pirate treasure, giving them only two out of five stars.

“Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s shtick is beginning to look as clapped-out as a minicab with too many miles on the clock,” the site says as it begins its review on the episode, and we partly agree. Shock horror, I know. But this episode reminded me hugely of Top Gear’s search for the source of the Nile. Don’t get me wrong, this was a brilliant Top Gear episode, and I think it worked very well in The Grand Tour’s format.

But I worry, where do they go from here? With the new special-only structure of the show’s seasons, what else is there to do to keep variety, especially when there aren’t tent episodes to break up these specials. I suppose this is a problem that we’ll encounter during the next episode, but I understand where The Telegraph is coming from here.

The review continues with an attack on the presenters because of their handsome income from the show. What this has to do with the episode, I have no idea, but they choose to bring it up anyway. Maybe someone needs a payrise? They did however recognise the beauty of the videography and the Madagascar backdrop, which we agree with entirely.

Once again however, the review falls back into negativity, accusing the show of causing a sense of deja vu with a repetitive storyline from previous episodes. Again, I agree like I mentioned earlier in this piece, but for me this improved the episode by sprinkling it with the feeling of nostaligia from some of my favourite episodes of the past. “However, the entire enterprise was haunted by an unshakeable feeling of déjà vu. The scenery has changed but the story is basically the same and its impact has withered with age,” The Telegraph wrote.

Calling for the episode to be 60 minutes over the total 90, The Telegraph explains it as being “repetitive”, and also insists that “the explosive blockbuster ending doesn’t quite work”. I don’t know about you, but I thought the Bentley Continental GT grappling its way through the loose sand was a brilliant bit of filming, despite it quite obviously being planned.

“The Grand Tour has become over-reliant on the trio’s chemistry and little else. It’s no longer entertaining enough to conceal this fatigued format’s ever more apparent flaws,” the review ends.

I want to stress that reviews are only opinions, and we should respect them like any other. I want to know which side of the fence you sit on. Do you agree with The Telegraph and believe that the trio has lost their touch, or are you thinking they still have some more time before they run out of ideas? Let us know in the comments, we’re really interested to find out.

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  1. The trio’s Chemistry and love of cars is what made Top Gear work and why people continue to watch them do the Grand tour.

  2. I agree with the Telegraph here, but in a different reasoning; the particular episode uses the same tiring repetitiveness.

    It was 90 minutes of track wheels falling apart & James May getting covered in muddy water.

    It lacked any real ingenuity in making their vehicles cross the truely terrible roads or their friendship developing and bonding together/adversary comaradarie.

  3. Are you taking a piss! The Grandtour is a great show. I love the way they constantly prank and make fun of each other, it reminds me of simpler times growing up with my close friends. The real problem is the internet dweebs and the you tube dorks, these losers who never had a voice because the cools kids never cared to listen. Keep making great television. I forward to the next special!

  4. The Telegraph should be in a position to comment when they’ll have at least half the fan base of this show.

  5. Have to agree with The Telegraph. Three somewhat over weight middle aged men (off which I am one!) trying to recreate bants that worked a decade ago. Time to consign to the history books.

  6. The Telegraph is about as irrelevant as telegrams. The Grand Tour is still an amazing show. These three hosts are the only things that justify the existence of Amazon Prime. I still miss their car reviews, Conversation street, the lap times, the tent, and having 13 episodes a season. They need to bring those back. As great as the adventures are, they can’t support a show.

  7. I loved the new special. The chemistry between the three are what keeps me coming back. I always know that if I need a laugh I can just watch those three.

  8. If people do not like the grand tour, dont watch and let people who do like it watch it, dont just take it because some dont like, theres nothimg worth watching on normal tv and what there is is rubbish but i dont say take it off.
    Get a life

  9. Honestly, I just love watching the Trio. They’re funny and have great adventures. I’ve never hated an episode of Top Gear, nor The Grand Tour. Its gonna be sad when The Grand Tour stops. Hopefully they come up with another show after their done with their own spinoff shows. But who knows if they will, or if they will retire. We can only hope for the best, as the trio is funny, legendary, and overall just extremely entertaining

  10. If the telegraph reviewer is criticising their pay then it looks more like a personal attack and not a genuine review. I don’t particularly like the shows current format though.

  11. They are kinda like comfort food for me, it doesn’t need to be the best show or story they’ve done, just needs to be what I expect.

  12. Nostalgia is why we watch. These guys are in the latter half of their career, and their fans will gladly take whatever they’re willing to give

  13. Maybe just maybe the Telegraph have just proved beyond doubt how out of touch their own format is. I thought the latest episode was one of the best ever and well worth the wait. Does anyone need a broadsheet in these strange times.

  14. I really enjoyed the show, especially after the long wait time. Yes, it is true that we miss either the regular TG format or GT tent version but that’s not up for discussion right now.
    The chemistry between the three is still good, they still make me laugh with their childish ideas and shown feeling of joy to be “on the hunt again”. The background setting was beautiful, the story entertaining and the cars with their specialities were well picked, overall it was 90 minutes of good entertainment. No matter what, I am already looking for whatever comes next from W. Chump & sons.

  15. I believe they still have more to give, maybe they need to be out of their “confort zone”.
    And this time I has the sensation that they really hate each other, there were no happy chitchat or some magic ‘in the moment’ reflections, still I believe they can get the music back. Oh and sorry for my dreadful english, it isn’t my native language.

  16. In fairness to The Telegraph review, the last couple of seasons of Top Gear, when these guys still presented, were already getting pretty stale. Moving to Amazon just made the scripted nature of their “shenanigans” even more obvious. All three of them are interesting, charismatic people in their own right, but they are far better off apart, it really is time for them to all go do something else for good.

  17. Yes I agree, the grand tour has become very boring .
    I would rather watch cartoons.
    The show needs scrapping , and the ageing men need to retire their show is become very repetitive.

  18. It’s all about the chemistry. They could do a cooking show, and I’d watch. This latest episode was A+.

  19. I loved Top Gear, and I love the Grand Tour, as long as they keep making shows, I’ll keep watching!

  20. I feel like this Grand Tour Special is a bit like a torn bag (or just and open bag), it seemed kind of unrealistic to be searching for something such as pirate treasure, but then again, that’s why I watched it; because I thought they would at least find SOMETHING (Other then the so called “Holy grail”). Which left the episode with a sort of emptiness and expressionless because in a sense, they had accomplished nothing. However, this does seem to be like a long episode. Most of their episodes from the previous three seasons were about 60 minutes long, whereas this was 90 minutes long. The ending was kind of a, “And with that, it’s back to the tent.” Sort of sense. But once again I had gotten my hopes up for something and set my expectations and my hopes for a TV show or movie too high.

  21. That review is completely rubbish and the Telegraph are really known for telling the truth aren’t they???
    I think it was fantastic and adore the banter between the 3 amigos. Bring on more I say.
    It was along the same lines as previous episodes but who gives a S*#T it was still a brilliant episode and I want to see more.
    Clarkson, Hammond and May are great at these specials and there’s no one else I’d rather see doing them.
    Bring on more episodes.

  22. Please please get rid of these old fouggies
    Time for new blood. Surely there must be younger talented presenters who have the spark needed for this Top Gear programme. This trio of over the hill presenters just dont have it anymore …if they ever did that is…

  23. Well, let’s see. It’s not surprising at all that there would be negative reviews. After all, the guys have been getting them since the old Top Gear days, when the show was accused of being, let’s see … bloke-ish, repetitive, non-informative, and predictable, to name a few. So what? We all still had fun, and while the episode maybe could have been a bit shorter, we haven’t seen these guys together in a while and the extra long stay was welcome.

    As for The Telegraph? Well, it is named after an outdated and outmoded form of communication. I wouldn’t expect anything better from them anyway.

  24. I agree that its the same basic thing they do, and do so well but this time it missed the mark!

    I’m theyre biggest fan and it really didn’t have enough variety and it really wasn’t very funny.

    The proposition that they were looking for pirate treasure was just stupid and I couldn’t help but be appalled that Clarkson ruined a Bentley luxury car for this! A car that most people couldn’t afford in their wildest dreams.

    We waited a year for this episode and at the end of it I couldn’t feel anything but let down.

    Now in saying that, I will be tuning in anytime this treo come together in the future. They rarely miss the mark and they’re true entertainers.

  25. There were very high expectations for this episode. There was a great deal of uncertainty when it would be aired and plenty of speculation, including some expressed frustration from JC himself. If the producers had been up front and told everyone that they’re going to release an episode once per year (Seamen was aired on December 13th 2019), there would not have been this general frustration (it was not a clever marketing tactic – the uncertainty gave the impression of complete disorganization – we just forgot about the Grand Tour and let it show when it did – the magic of having something to look forward to was lost).

    As for the comments about the fees that are paid to JC, JM and RH is relevant. The churlish comment in this article suggesting envy is the motivation for such comments is entirely false. It forgets that the Grand Tour is not free TV. The costs for its production are paid for by Amazon and its Prime members. In other words, we are paying customers and expect value for money. Amazon will be performing the same calculations. They will not be impressed that they are shelling out millions of dollars for a show that is not impressing its audience and probably not building a bigger audience. Few people will be recommending the Grand Tour as must-see viewing if it appears just annually and isn’t worth the wait.

    And that brings me to Madagascar. It was not worth the wait. It was completely unimaginative. There was very little in this show that we have not seen many times before. JC getting the best car. JM being the butt of too many jokes. RH trying to be alternative. All the action heavily scripted and predictable. It occurred to me that the program could have been much better if you had kept the production team (who did a beautiful job), got rid of the three amigos and explored Madagascar in a properly-built ATV. There was no humour to lose and the ruggedness and beauty of the terrain would still have been evident.

    JC, JM and RH really did give the impression that they were simply milking the contract they have with Amazon. Maybe they think their audience is too stupid to spot people simply going through the motions. Something else they would have got wrong, if they did.

  26. I believe the show was brilliant. It is always enjoyable to experience the adventures that this trio accomplish. I just wish there was more. Screw The Telegraph, I find the report spawning from jealousy. In this covid society, I need this entertainment. Power on Brothers

  27. Are they just butthurt that TGT has more fans than readers of the Telegraph? Calling for it to end is going beyond the scope of a review or critique, to the point of either personal vendetta or fanatic political views (on either humour or environmentalism). Don’t worry The Telegraph, we’re probably here to stay, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the budget went down, or if the format changed again…

  28. Do agree with the comment that the show is relying on their chemistry lot more. Wasnt much else from this episode. Putting all your eggs in that basket could be a hit or miss if their chemistry is off than usual

  29. Bah Humbug The Telegraph review. We enjoyed the usual shtick of the GT Trio with the better than usual build out of the modifications and the amazing contrast of the roads. They’re just jealous of Clarkson and Co still having fun and getting paid well for it. Good for them we say.

  30. The show was fun. I enjoyed it. Its not like I even really paid to see it as Prime is basically a public utility at this point.

    The UK news sites are all overly dramatic and judgemental. Talk about an old and tired shctick.

  31. Glad to have GT back. Too many people are just too jaded and sinical now days. Everything sucks, everyone should quit, everything should stop.

  32. It seems to me that the Brits are a little salty with how well GT has done and how poorly Top Gear has done since the original trio left. What’s they think was going to happen?

  33. Yes I agree but as their hugest fan what else is there to watch on tv like this? Surely not top gear with that shouty Paddy McGuinness he is as bad as Chris Evans.

    So Daily Telegraph go and get stuffed or produce your own showblike this.

  34. Unfortunately, I agree more with the telegraph review than I want to. Its feeling too contrived and forced now. The “surprise” cock ups and “unexpected” breakdowns are sometimes cringe worthy in how obviously staged they are.

  35. I enjoyed the non special episodes more. News bits with the commentary. I usually skip over the specials.

  36. This the same telegraph that sold brexit as great.

    Maybe they should learn to shut their mouths and listen to the UK more rather than their echo chamber of hate

  37. It is time for them to retire to their other projects. Specials like these devalue the really good ones like the artic and viet nam.

  38. I have loved watching these guys since the beginning way back when. Yes, I miss a weekly show with car reviews and stars in their reasonable priced cars, but anytime I can watch them in a show is a good time!

  39. I liked it. So what if it was a bit repetitive. It was still fun to watch. People got to stop over analyzing everything sometimes.

  40. Go back to the tent and talk about cars. Grand Tour is not a car show now. Keep the chemistry but talk about and test cars. Let the Nature channel tour the world.

  41. This show is a family affair. We thoroughly enjoy watching it and will only do so together. Critics be damned. We love the antics, camaraderie and seeing the abuse they put their vehicles through. As devoted Canadian fans we regret not getting the chance to see them live. The latest episode was hilarious…keep it going for your fans!

  42. The specials format doesn’t work for me, they need to get back to the car revues and “mini” challenges, it’s starting to work again (finally) for Top Gear.

  43. I was sadden to hear there was only going to be specials moving forward, And I waited for the next one to come. But when it did I found myself wishing for more it was not all that I had hoped for. I loved the old specials from the Top Gear era and many of the Grand Tour. But something feels like it’s changed, There was just …I don’t know less energy?

  44. The telegraph brings less to the country than that show. My counter would be that it’s actually time for the telegraph and all its employees to shut down and love on to another industry – you never know they might be good at something in life.

  45. I wasn’t even really that into cars before I saw the show. They make it so interesting. Their creativity and humor Is too good. My GIRLFRIEND even watches it with me! She’s always laughing. They have turned something as boring as a car can be, Into real entertainment.

  46. I don’t think the episode was as funny or informative as some of the other specials and yet it was better than some specials in other ways… it was entertainment. I enjoy seeing those 3 on television doing things They’re entertaining. I’ll continue to watch and support the trio until they decide to retire.

  47. I would have expected this type of opinion from The Guardian, since they wear Dr. Martens sandals with socks. However, isn’t it coincidental that the editor of the Telegraph is named Chris Evans?… Perhaps standing up for another Chris Evans, who wears the same kind of glasses, and may be disenchanted with a Top Gear connection? I’m just saying…..

  48. It was entertaining, the scenery was beautiful, but it really disgusted me to see those beautiful cars treated that way even if it was for entertainment. I wish the BBC and the three boys would get back together and go back to top gear I miss seeing the latest vehicles tested not to mention the stig

  49. I think the telegraph was feeling upset because of the pro EU jokes.. They get funny about little things like that..

  50. The Telegraph is failing. It is losing money and readers hand over fist, mainly due to its kneejerk support for whatever idiocy the government comes out with. Its article was clickbait disguised as idiocy. They even managed a sideswipe about Brexit. Pathetic. I read it so you don’t have to.

  51. It kind of make me disappointed in all these people bashing the show the guy go out of there way and put the time in and all the writers can do is a car show with a bit of adventure side to it.if you guy hate it so much don’t watch.I love it and would be so sad if the stop makeing a million time better then top gear is now.I wish these writer went thru the crap that the boy got to go thru on a filming then get trashed lime that.and see how they would feel.its bs.the show is great and 90 is still to short for me I would love for it to be double .even behind the scenes I’d like to see.screw the batter’s.keep up the good work.I wish there were daily episodes.but that’s just not possible .people have life’ it keep up good work guys.

  52. It’s always easy to criticise a programme or presenters that have been around a long time. East Enders is forever miserable and the only skill Top Gear’s Paddy McGuinness has is shouting everytime he speaks. Only Chris Harris can drive whilst the other two are idiots behind a wheel. You make your choice whether to watch or turn off and viewing figures will reveal all.

  53. Ciao a tutti io penso che il trio abbia ancora delle carte nascoste da giocare e ho fiducia in loro punto primo e punto secondo si ok questo special non è stato uno special rinnovato va bene ma io lo trovato bello si va bene certo ricorda a pensare alla ricerca della sorgente del Nilo va bene ma ma se ci pensiamo su un po’ in questo special ci sono delle differenze le macchine migliorate fuori e non dentro ad esempio strade pessime ma soprattutto è stato più divertente per me e per chi la visto in sieme a me si e sbellicato dalle risate perciò a mio parere anno ancora da fare e da dare..

    Ripeto io ho fiducia in loro ……

  54. There’s a reason the old Top Gear repeats are always on TV. Let’s face it most of us want comfort food and these three are the equivalent of a good juicy burger and not a fillet steak. It’s entertainment not a trying more than that. We get some great scenery, a little car porn and a few laughs along the way. Ibsen it’s not meant to be.

  55. I love these guys, the chemistry is what makes the program work. Agreed, the format is the same, and I agree there should be a series in between the specials. Which I think all fans of the trio would love to see. The trio are still great viewing, you can see how much the three of them enjoy what they do. The pranks and the banter between them is the draw for me, more than the set up scenes. Three great friends making a show around their shared interest whilst having a lot of laughs. It’s what keeps me coming back and long may it continue. This is the reason Top gear as it is now, doesn’t have the same appeal, that chemistry isn’t there.

  56. Sadly, as much as I like the guys…. The show is so boring now… These guys forgot that although they are pretty good, they are not bigger than the cars themselves. From the point they started to make cars insignificant… They started their downfall. I like Paddy now.

  57. This new format is terrible…no reviews or testing of cars? What the point of watching the same guys traveling around in contrived confusion and in cars totally unfit for the trip. The Grand Tour needs to travel where anyone would travel. How many travelors do you know who drive thru the jungles of Madagascar? And where were the lemurs??

  58. More of the same??? BRILLIANT!!!! Also seeing three white middle aged English men on T. V all at the same time in 2020 is so fascinating I would love the chance to see it again. Probably won’t though………..

  59. Given the lengthy wait for the episode it was inevitable that the hype would fail to live up to the reality, for some people. Although far from perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Still think they’ll need to revisit the tent at some point & they won’t survive it’s another year until the next one.

  60. Imo, its a format they they have used for years, its there’s, and tbh if your saying there format is fatigued then why don’t you slate top gear that keeps the same set up and same old system since Jeremy was doing it, the only difference is that top gear isn’t what it was and grand tour is top gear but under a different name, I think you might be right about the telegraph, someone’s looking for a pay rise, and I think we all know the telegraph doesn’t want to hurt there beloved freind the bbc by shitting on there show, so they go after the three who made the show a worldwide phenomenon and who took all that lovely coverage top gear had and took it to their new show, plus top gear had to get a whole new crew together as the crew for top gear left with the trio and went to grand tour with them, so I’d look at the guy writing the challenges rather than the trio… you might just see that its not their fault.

  61. I actually thought A Massive Hunt was worse than previous specials, and I’m a big fan of the trio and their shows. There were significantly less funny and interesting moments throughout, I struggled to laugh at all. Plus the “treasure hunting” was pretty pathetic, almost no effort made and boring clips of May looking at books and charts etc. The trio are entertaining because they behave like naughty school boys in the real world. Doing stupid shit that many of us feel we’d love to try if it wasn’t for having to behave like adults. Little entertainment value at all, I was most disappointed, especially after waiting so long. I really hope that this was a one off and things improve from here on.

  62. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink! Do I wish we had weekly shows from the tent back? Sure I do. But the so called Telegraph is just trying to get clicks on it website.

  63. Old and clapped out. Bruv your brand name is telegraph… If that isn’t old as hell then what is?

  64. No one is forcing telegraph or anyone to watch it, don’t like the content? Stream something else, it’s that simple.

    I enjoy everything about grandtour and I am glad the tent is gone.

    If you are looking for flaws then you will find flaws in everything.

  65. From what I’ve read, the Telegraph has an ax to grind with the boys so I’m not sure what the guys could have done to make the Telegraph happy. However, yup, here it comes. There is some truth. So the next special they go to……fill in the blank here….each bring a car, which has to be modified because they…..fill in the blank here…they bust each other’s chops and the vehicles getting to their destination. Did I nail it? I like the boys but a lot of chemistry is lost without the tent.

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