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The Grand Tour Season 4 ‘Seamen’ Was The Most Dangerous Yet

The new Grand Tour trailer for the first full length feature of Season 4 named “Seamen” has just been released, and it looks like we’re going to be treated to one hell of an adventure. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take to water in three boats as they pursue their objective of crossing the Mekong River Delta.

I’m sure sitting at home in our comfy sofas and watching the show will be a barrel of laughs, but according to Prime Video Georgia Brown, the filming of the special was quite different:

Georgia said: “We are excited to announce the launch date for The Grand Tour presents: Seamen, the first of our epic adventure specials from Prime Video’s much loved trio, Clarkson, Hammond and May.

The Grand Tour Trio Set Off For France For Season 4 Filming

“We know fans love to see the guys take on these incredible adventures across exotic locations and The Grand Tour presents: Seamen does just that.

“This feature length special promises to be a thrilling off-road escapade, full of challenges and jeopardy, climaxing in one of the most dangerous and exciting challenges Jeremy, Richard and James may have ever endured – viewers are in for a rocky ride!”

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The trailer does give a certain amount of the danger they encountered some air time, including Clarkson almost getting caught in extreme weather while on the sea, and we know full well that James May nearly died during the filming and had to abandon ship.

We can’t wait to see “Seamen”, so will be looking forward to its release on Friday 13th December.

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