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The Grand Tour Series 2: Possible Locations

Jeremy has let slip a hand-full of locations that they will be visiting in the newest series of The Grand Tour, but he wasn’t exactly specific. In a live DriveTribe Q&A he mentioned America, Africa, Georgia and after some grumbling, France. Given that all of those locations are pretty open-ended, and we don’t know if they’re pitching their tent in those places or driving through them, it’s hard to pin-point exact locations, but here are our best guesses.

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1. America- The Tail of The Dragon

the tail of the dragon

This stretch of road is a mere 11 miles, but in to that short distance an astounding 318 curves have been crammed. Located at the boarder of Tennessee and North Carolina, this two-lane road isn’t too far from the Blue Ridge Parkway, a place the boys have been before. Though it winds mostly through the backwoods and has no development along it, the speed limit is likely to give them some reservations, not unlike the Parkway did. Probably because of those curves, the speed limit now sits at a disappointing 30 mph- and Jeremy says Britain is a “nanny state.”

2. Africa

Top Gear Africa Special

Africa is enormous. No really, it accounts for a little over 20% of earth’s total landmass, so nailing down where they might visit here is tricky. Not to mention that between Top Gear and The Grand Tour, they’ve visited a lot of it already. Included in that total are three separate specials that covered several countries each and numerous road tests throughout the seasons. One place they’ve not visited, is Egypt. There are likely several very good reasons for this, chief among which being that it isn’t exactly what you’d call safe, they did brave Iraq in 2010 though. Perhaps they’d be better off revisiting South Africa though.

3. France

Perfect road trip

Even though Jeremy pretended to have no interest in France, he eventually did admit that they would be filming there in the next season of The Grand Tour. Even if they did take his license, Jeremy has remarked in the past about how much he loves France, and often suggests it as a location. That said, they did northern France in the last season, perhaps now it’s time to see the south of France.

The gang might visit Monaco, a sovereign city-state in the French Riviera, known for its beautiful views and expensive cars. Then of course, it’s also home to the Monaco Grand Prix.  Jeremy and Richard visited it during their perfect road trip in back in 2013 in a Bugatti and a Lamborghini respectively, maybe they’ll bring James along this time.

4. Georgia

That just leaves us with Georgia, the country, not the state mind you. At first glance this might seem like a strange choice, but then you realize that it is home to the Caucasus Mountains, which boasts some of the highest peaks in the world. Where there are mountains there are likely to be mountain roads, and stunning views. Maybe they’re hoping to stumble upon another Transfagarasan Highway like they did in Romania?

These are just the locations that we know about so far, and there are so many other places that they could go. For example, though they’ve visited Japan and China, they’ve not spent a lot of time there. Likewise, they’ve visited Russia only once and Canada only once as well, though once may have been enough for Hammond. We will have to see!

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