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Matt LeBlanc Plans On Leaving Top Gear In Next Couple Of Years

It hasn’t always been easy for Matt LeBlanc since he started hosting Top Gear. The low ratings of the show’s 23rd season and the war memorial “scandal” put a lot of pressure on him. There have also always been rumors about his rocky relationship with his co-host Chris Evans. Although Matt has stated that they were fine and that he “liked Chris Evans”, both reportedly haven’t spoken since Chris quit the show.

Therefore, one may assume that LeBlanc – who seemingly gets along fine with his new co-hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid – was on his way to catch a break with Top Gear’s new season. However, this apparently isn’t the case.

Matt LeBlanc thinks about his retirement

A few days ago, Britain’s Daily Star reported that Matt LeBlanc informed the BBC about his retirement plans. The Star announced that he wants to quit TV altogether within the next couple of years. “I want to retire in my early fifties”, he says, yearning for more of a personal life.

Many of us may think that being a host on a car show like Top Gear would be a dream job, but actually it proves to be very stressful. Working on TV and constantly being watched by a hawk-eyed community like Top Gear’s has to eat at you.

While we don’t know how long Matt will actually stay as Top Gear’s main host, it probably won’t be as long as Clarkson, Hammond and May. Altogether, we can’t even anticipate how long the BBC will even stick to Top Gear as a program. We don’t want to sound too gloomy, but considering the low ratings of Top Gear’s 23rd season, the next seven episodes most definitely need to up their game. Otherwise Top Gear probably won’t be around much longer, with or without Matt LeBlanc.

What do you think? Tell us your opinion on Matt LeBlanc’s retirement plans and how you see the future of Top Gear in the comment section down below.

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  1. I think the BBC shot themselves in the foot by firing Jeremy Clarkson, and thereby also losing his two stablemates. There MUST have been another form of discipline that could have been applied. Personally I did not like the way these three guys destroyed cars, caravans and other vehicles, nor was I a fan of their various exploits and challenges. For me it was no longer a motoring program that the ordinary guy could identify with, what with all the fancy and super-expensive supercars.

    Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc did try to replace the three idiots, but sadly the flavour has gone – lost to Amazon Prime.

    A sad situation – – –

  2. Matt is a car guy. But he was always private. Nothing like his tv and movie roles. Clarkson is outspoken both on and off camera.
    If the BeeBs dumps the show altogether, it would be their own fault. Rather than completely changing the format from the gound up like Clarkson did in 2001, they opted to tweak it. That sort of meddling only served to piss off us TG fans. Seriously, they took a top rated program of their own making and tried to copy the US copy of the British bit of TV Awesome…and did it with a Yank cohosting.

    Quit trying to appease us Americans. Your shows are awesome as they are. We will copy what we like and ruin them properly. Dont try to copy us.

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