The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Setting Up Tent near Jeremy Clarkson Home in England

So far, the first episode in Johannesburg has been completed and people have already been receiving emails and phone calls for the upcoming show in Southern California. The last location that has been rumored is in England and by the looks of it, the rumors are true.

According to the Daily Mail, The Grand Tour tent has been spotted  under construction nearby Jeremy Clarkson’s home, well, what’s left of his home after he blew it up.

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  1. Another possibility is that this is the first setup of the second tent–just a shakedown run near their offices to make sure everything works and the second crew know the setup procedure.

  2. On second thought, I bet the UK taping will happen this weekend. We haven’t heard anything about tickets because they can easily fill the tent with friends, family, and business connections privately in the UK.

    This may air as episode 1, and it could be ready for air sometime in the last week of September.

    We also didn’t hear anything about tickets in South Africa. I’m wondering if they just opened it to locals.

    Andy Wilman said they have two tents and it takes a couple of days to setup, but they probably need a day or two after setup to troubleshoot any issues and allow for local fire and safety inspections. The tents leapfrog each other, again according to Wilman–while one is in use, the other is enroute to the next destination. If they tape weekly, seting up each location probably begins about a week before taping (it probably takes a week to tear down, pack up, and ship to the next location after wrap). This would all have the UK tent ready for a taping this weekend.

    Since we don’t have any leaked photos or news about the California location, I’m assuming it’s because the UK is a week earlier in the shooting sequence. If so, they’ll start erecting the California tent this weekend.

    Wilman said South Africa was Episode 2. If the UK is show 1, then California is likely show 3.

  3. I think we’re looking at mid October for show launch.

    Andy Wilman’s master class interview revealed a few key facts that help narrow timing of the launch window:

    • the Amazon contract calls for a full season to air this year with 12 shows.
    • Wilman expressed his preference for a weekly show rollout, but it’s up to Amazon.
    • The last 12 weeks of the year begin in mid October.
    • Wilman noted that the South Africa episode is episode 2.
    • California is likely episode 1 (my assumption). California studio taping is Sept. 25.
    • the field segments must all be filmed, edited and through post production before the studio filming.
    • Wilman noted that it takes longer to do post production on 4K content, which will affect how current the news topics can be. From his comments, it sounds like a few weeks need to elapse for final post production after studio taping. This puts the California show on track for mid-October release.

    Given the post production lag, we should expect that they will be using the tents almost every week, with about three shows on overlapped schedules in post. Launch should happen around the time of the studio taping that follows the UK taping.

    The U.K. Tent is probably getting setup for taping the weekend of October 1-2 (the CA taping is on a Sunday).

    The fact that they have one show in the can already (South Africa) means that they can slip schedule by a week somewhere or give themselves one week off mid season and still make 12 shows ready by end of year.

    Of course, If Amazon makes the decision to release the whole series at once, then we are looking at late December, because that’s when the last show will be ready. But given the “Autumn” publicity, I think the production company is confident Amazon won’t do that. (Or it’s their way of putting pressure on Amazon to release it weekly).

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