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Jeremy Clarkson Blows Up His Farm During a Funeral for New Country Home

When you make ten times more than you did before on the number one show in the world, you’re going to stretch your legs a bit with the power of your newfound wealth.

Well, leave it to Jeremy Clarkson to stretch his legs by blowing up his £4million farmhouse near Chipping Norton in Oxfordwhire to build a new 12,000+ square foot, 6 bedroom home of country home and ‘gentrified’ decor.

Normal people would call a crew to come in with bulldozers, but the alpha male Helen Mirren calls the epitome of male essence, decided to call in a demolition crew to blow up the farm house with a huge explosion heard far and wide.

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The far and wide included a funeral, which was going on at the time and neighbors are claiming that they only received notice the night before.


The home is said to have a swimming pool, orchard, croquet lawn, tennis court, walled garden, bike storage and of course, room for 5 cars. Wonder which ones they would be.

h/t: Daily Mail

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  1. It’s probably got to do with the gag about the bet he made with in the first episode. He knew he wouldn’t win the bet, it’s probably been a planed stunt for the show from the beginning.

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