The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: Watch These New Outtakes You’ve Never Seen Before

It’s not long until the next episode of The Grand Tour will be released on Amazon Prime Video, but it’s been so long since the last episode, The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen, that we need a bit of warming up before we just straight back in. Thankfully, DriveTribe has been given a few outtakes from the episode ‘Blasts from the Past’ to ease us back in.

In these short clips, you get to see Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson fighting against the gearboxes of two very expensive, 7-figure price tag cars: a Jaguar XK SS and an Aston Martin DB4 GT. They crunch the gears like there’s no tomorrow, and Jeremy has an issue with his bracelets getting stuck in the racing harnesses.

James May is, of course, just James May, as he’s driving a Honda Civic Type R in this episode over a classic car option. Instead, he gets annoyed with the pair when they stop to look at the ‘views’ on a fog-covered side of the road.

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know!

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