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The Grand Tour’s James May Is Starting His Own Gin Company

It looks as though buying half a pub and releasing a cooking show alongside a cooking book wasn’t enough for James May as he’s now entering the gin market. James has always been a fan of gin, similarly to his fellow presenters Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. But with the gin industry booming and his website FoodTribe eager to promote something, it’s not a surprise that he’s chosen this for his next business venture. 

He introduces the idea in the video above while also revealing the name of the company: James May’s Gin. 

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While the name of the company isn’t overly original, his first gin will be. He’s named it Asian Parsnip Gin, due to British parsnip being one of its main ingredients. 

“I decided immediately that my gin should feature flavours never before tasted in one; flavours that would celebrate both my homeland and the pleasures I’ve enjoyed over many decades of international travel at other people’s expense.”

James isn’t the only person involved, though, Alongside him is Hugh Anderson of Downton Distillery who is a professional distiller.

“I realised, though, that whilst I was highly qualified in drinking gin, and had done so all over the globe, I knew nothing about making it. That’s when I was introduced to Hugh Anderson of Downton Distillery. And so it was that, one cold May morning, two men in boring green anoraks met in a shed formerly owned by Sir Walter Raleigh to begin their long search.”

You can try James May’s new Asian Parsnip Gin by clicking the big button below. The first batch has already sold out, but a second batch is on its way.

Buy James May’s Asian Parsnip Gin

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