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The Grand Tour’s James May Really Isn’t A Fan Of Pizza In Hilarious Video

The latest video from FoodTribe saw yet another can of beans being ‘pimped’. This time, in a Hawian style with ham and pineapple being added to the standard can of Heinz.

The beans, with the additional ham and pineapple, are cooked and slathered over some buttered toast (Lurpak, of course), and James entered the room to conduct his taste testing.

“It’s idiotic really, tasting food and then contemplating it and thinking mm what does this flavour mean.

“Because actually when you eat something, you put it in your mouth and you immediately go ‘oh yeah’ or ‘err’, and my initial reaction, I’ve got to be honest, was er… because of the pineapple.”

He continues to say how pineapple chunks just remind him of ’70s Berni Inns and urinals, so it was a definite no from The Grand Tour presenter. “Sorry, no,” James finished.

James then discusses what could possibly make this better, but ultimately decides the pineapple was a mistake.

“I don’t think it belongs on pizza either. But then I don’t think pizzas belong in the world so…”

At this point he’s met with shock from his workmates.

“I never want a pizza,” he continues. “I don’t dislike pizza, I will eat them if they’re there and I even think they taste quite nice, but I never thought, ‘oh I fancy a pizza’, and no one’s ever said to me  shall we get some takeaway and I’ve said ‘yeah, how about a pizza?'”

Shocking news from the presenter who is such a foodie and has just purchased a pub by the name of The Royal Oak.

“I never want a pizza.

“If they disappeared from the world I wouldn’t really notice – likewise pineapple.

“Sorry, life is harsh.”

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