The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour’s Worst Car Modifications From Clarkson, Hammond, and May

Richard Hammond and James May’s Motorway Inter Lane Fuelling (MILF) Truck – It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas

Richard Hammond and James May realise that refuelling their cars costs the average motorist 36 days of their life. So, using their genius and skill, the pair come up with multiple ways of cutting down the time it takes to fuel a car.

The best, and worst I suppose, was the MILF. A van that allowed the refuelling of a car while on the motorway and on the move. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite so well for Hammond who was driving the car being fuelled. The fuelling system broke, spilling fuel everywhere, and Hammond’s car eventually set on fire and blew up.

In fact, all of their inventions, bar the last, ended in an explosion.

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