The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour’s Worst Car Modifications From Clarkson, Hammond, and May

Jeremy Clarkson’s The Excellent – Berks To The Future

By mixing the underbelly of a Land Rover Discovery and a Mercedes SL, Clarkson set out to build a real “luxury SUV”. Before the SL however, he topped the Disco with the body of a 1978 MGB with the engine of a 3.9-litre V8. It was named the MGD, but unfortunately lacked anything of substance in the cockpit such as a speedometer. Plus, the body kept falling off… which is rather important.

So, the SL was eventually attached, and it was actually a pretty good attempt at a sports SUV. Unfortunately, it was put up for auction at the Coys of Kensington car auction where it sold for £4,000, only £96,000 under its reserve.

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