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When The Grand Tour’s Clarkson, Hammond and May Went American…

We woke up about a year ago to something out of a nightmare. The Grand Tour trio had become Americanized. In a video that poked fun at a few things happening in the States at that time, humour was certainly welcomed.

With The Grand Tour about to be released and marketed to the American market more than ever, the only logical answer was to appeal to that market. So, they got their tanning salons at the ready, get out their teeth whitener, and the wigs. It was time for The Grand Tour to go American.

James and Jeremy both received tango-coloured tans, a going over of the tooth-kind, and some new hairs for their balding dos. In a horrifying reveal, they looked far too similar to a certain US President for us to want to admit. So we won’t.

Richard on the other hand, didn’t change much at all. See, he’s already pure American beneath his British farm exterior. White teeth? Check. Tan? Almost. Dyed hair? Definitely.

Andy Wilman, The Grand Tour’s producer said this:

“It didn’t work brilliantly. They don’t look like Brad Pitt, we know this. We though Jeff [Bezos, Amazon chief executive] would like it though. We had Richard done. That cost nothing.”

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