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Are You Excited About The New Top Gear America Cast?

On Sunday July 30, 2017 we will have the premier of the new Top Gear America on BBC America. This new version of the show will be hosted by William Fichtner, Tom Ford and Antron Brown. Given how the last set of hosts were unceremoniously sacked right when they finally were producing some really good TV, how long do you think this group will last?

Here is the official trailer for the show:

Obviously, everything depends on the dynamic between the hosts and how well they can pull off the fine balance between being adversaries and friends. Which we all know from the disastrous Chris Evans season of Top Gear UK is no easy feat… Need I say more?

Honestly, the official trailer does very little to show us how the group dynamic is going to work out, other than a few seconds of the three hosts chanting some mantra in unison. I kinda cringed when I saw them marching and chanting like soldiers as it seemed silly to me… but who knows? Maybe it works in the show? Perhaps its a sign that they have at least some form of cooperative dynamic happening between them?

For my part, I hope that everyone, from fans to the producers at BBC America, give them a fighting chance. What do you think?

Keep driving my friends!

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