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New Pagani Huayra Roadster Will Make Richard Hammond Feel The Fizz

Richard Hammond’s love for Pagani is something that is well known. Through the episodes of Top Gear, Richard has on more than one occasion proclaimed his love for the car maker with the Zonda S Roadster than the Zonda F. Like Hammond once said, there’s just something a bit bonkers about the cars that Pagani makes, and it’s because of that (in addition to the styling an d ludicrous speed) that Pagani cars put the “super” and “hyper” into these amazing machines.

The newest addition to Pagani’s car porn empire is the Pagani Huayra Roadster, a car that’s sure to make Hammond drool. My first reaction to seeing the Huayra Roadster was something along the lines of “Guuuuhhhhhhh…’ (in a good way), and I’m not even a huge fan of topless cars! The looks are one thing, and they are for sure spectacular, but it’s the Huayra Roadster’s performance that has me excited.

Pagani claims that the the car will do 1.8G, the highest lateral acceleration ever seen on a car with road tyres. When you look at what Pagani has done with the car, it’s easy to believe that the Huayra Roadster could pull off such numbers. The new model weighs 2,822 lbs, approximately 176 lbs lighter than the couple version. It comes packed with a Mercedes-AMG twin turbo V12 with produces 764 HP and 738 lb/ft of torque.

The transmission alone is 40% lighter than the normal Huayra’s, and the suspension is also lighter by 25%. Pagani also claims to have made the Roadster stiffer than the coupe. All these changes and crazy power comes out to around $2.4 million (all 100 units are already sold out). The Huayra Roadster will make its debut at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show, coming to you March 9-19th.

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