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Top Gear: The Worst Injuries Suffered By Clarkson, Hammond and May

Top Gear brought us some of the greatest and funniest TV moments ever to be filmed such as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May finding the source of the River Nile or driving through Chernobyl. But behind these comedic films, a lot of what the trio does is actually rather dangerous. And it’s no surprise that sometimes things go wrong, resulting in one of them getting seriously hurt.

After all, you can’t have a job where you drive incredible cars in exotic locations without there being at least some downsides, right? No wonder the BBC were so worried about them…

Richard Hammond Rolls A Suzuki Super Carry

As part of a £1,000 cheap van challenge, Richard Hammond rolled his Suzuki Super Carry while running from the ‘police’. While the trio was feeling enthusiastic about the Suzuki doing well in the challenge, it resulted with Hammond flipping the van, reportedly giving him a bad neck injury in the process.

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