6.56 Second Nissan GTR Quarter-Mile Record: Watch Here

The Nissan GTR is one hell of a car from the factory, and due to its ability to be pumped up to god-level amounts of power without the drivetrain giving up or a floorpan falling off (danger to manifold). they’re well equipped to stand up to the dangers of the drag strip.

This one, built by Extreme Turbo Systems, runs around 100PSI of boost with 3,000bhp and has recently taken the quarter-mile record for GTRs in its stride.

During the Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway, the driver of the GTR, Gidi Chamdi, was able to take home the record with a time of 6.56-seconds, with a speed of 225mph. This is only two hundredths ahead of the previous record held by Alpha Logic from last February. They set that in Dubai, but while had a slower time overall, they posted a higher speed of 232mph.

1320 Video has of course witnessed the run and put together a video for our viewing pleasure. Check it out below and let us know how badly you want a go. The action starts at 12:05.

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