Everything Is Bigger In Texas – Including This Accident!

All I can say about this accident is “holy moly!” A truck driver apparently forgot that the bed of his truck was still down and at an angle, and eventually plows right into a freeway sign right before an overpass.

The person taking the video tried to signal the driver in the first clip, but the obviously the hint was lost in translation. It’s hard to tell from the video, but in addition to the driver signalling with his hand that something was amiss, according to some commentors, the driver did honk his horn as well:

The truck driver clearly didn’t take the hint, as the next clip shows the truck demolishing the freeway sign, falling over on its side in the process

According to KTRK Houston, the condition of the driver is not yet known, and I wouldn’t bother with the Facebook comments either because you’ll get everything from the worst possible outcome to “He’s ok.”

According to multiple other reports, it appears that no other cars were caught up in the accident. The pair of videos were uploaded by Carlos Escobedo, who says he was with his father in the car when they tried to get the truck driver’s attention.

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