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BMW M6 Driver Hit Motorcyclist Head-On In Horrific Incident

A number of videos have been posted on social media lately of an awful incident between a BMW M6 and a motorcyclist. It happened this past weekend on San Gabriel Canyon Road in Azusa, CA. The motorcyclist was left with a broken leg and multiple leg fractures and was hospitalised.

Watching the footage back by multiple angles, you realise just how lucky the rider was to survive such an incident. The BMW M6 was in a line of cars that were al making the most of the canyon road. But after misjudging his speed going around a tight right corner, the BMW seemed to understeer into the oncoming lane. It clipped an oncoming car, but hit the rider head-on.

A number of angles from different cameras can be found, including a shot from the rider’s point of view of the apparent 60mph hit, according to one of the witnesses.

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The motorcyclist has now uploaded an image of him recovering in hospital following a successful surgery.

This incident only emphasis just how dangerous a car can be, especially when it’s being driven in a spirited fashion. We must all remember that there are other road users who have far less protection, like bikers, so must keep our wits about us at all times.

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