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Chevrolet Camaro Looking More Likely To Getting Axed Each Day As Rumors Unfurl

It’s been a hot minute since Transformers revitalized the Camaro brand back in 2007, two years before the fifth generation model would go on sale, and even win the World Car of the Year Award in 2010. In 2015, the 50th anniversary of the Camaro, the sixth generation was debuted.

Well, now it looks like there may not be a seventh generation of Camaro. At least, not any time soon.

Global car sales have seen massive declines in the last few months. It’s no surprise that sports and luxury models have been hit hard, with substantially lower sales than this time last year. However, the Camaro has been specifically hard hit.

In some markets, Russia for example, Chevy sold literally no Camaros. Zero.

In others, they saw a 45% decrees in sales. That’s for a muscle car that already has a huge gap between its third-place, 18% market share, and the Dodge Challenger’s, second-place, 27%.

While it has been rumored that Chevy would put the Camaro to pasture in 2024, that’s not been confirmed. Now that these numbers are coming in, it’s harder to imagine them making a next generation of the car, rather than discontinue it.

Honestly, an electric version would move units, but that’s only what the numbers suggest.

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