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Confirmed: The New BMW M4 Will Look Like This And Both M3 and M4 Launch Date Revealed

The BMW M3 is ready for production, BMW president Markus Flasch has told carsales during the 2019 BMW M Festival at Kyalmi Circuit in South Africa. But it won’t be released until 2021 despite it being so close to completion.

Flasch confirms that both the new M3 and M4 will go into production as of late 2020, with both models launching early 2021. Unfortunately, this means we’re going to have to wait a couple more years until we see the new BMW Halo cars on the road. Of course, BMW don’t want to risk affecting the sales of the new Z4 by releasing what will be more popular sports cars.


“The [M3] pictures didn’t leak on purpose,” he says. “I mean, the car’s ready. It’s a pre-production car that leaked.” There is however, no reason as to why there’s such a large gap between the finished production version and the release of the car to the market. However, as the Z4 shares a large number of parts with its M3 and M4 brothers, I would assume that they don’t want to already deem it out of date.

Confirmed: The New BMW M4 Will Look Like This And Both M3 and M4 Launch Date Revealed

After the leaks of the front of the new M4, I doubt anyone will be complaining, though. The image has gained a huge amount of criticism due to BMW’s ever-growing grill size. As you can see by the image, the new M4 will certain polarise opinions. However, we can trust that BMW is not ridding the cars of RWD, with Flasch confirming that both RWD and AWD will likely be available.

“We haven’t officially confirmed it, but I can tell you we are very likely to offer rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, manual and automatic for both models,” he said.

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