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Watch The First Test Drive Of The LS Swapped Lamborghini Huracan

We introduced you to this LS Lamborghini Huracan project a week or so ago, and now the build has got to the exciting stage, the first test drive. Chris Steinbacher’s (B is for Build) objective of the video is to perform a burnout.

With the axles ready, and the clutch built, the only thing they need to do is make sure it all works. Of course, with a project car, that’s easier said than done, with the clutch line spewing out clutch fluid as sure it was pressurised. Soon this was fixed, but where it was expected to take a day, the expectations are now closer to five. Project car lyf innit.

Fast forward, and the charge pipes are off and the car is raised and ready for a first gear test with the wheels off the ground. Everything goes well, even with added strain from the brakes, which are also working. Next the water pumps are turned on to bring the engine temperature down, and the car is then taken for its first drive. And of course, they’re able to extract a small wheel spin from the sorry looking Lamborghini before it’s taken back to the garage.

The car really isn’t road ready, with plenty of bits to finish off such as the brake booster and vacuum lines, but so far it’s looking great and so close to being ready for its debut at SEMA.

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