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Latest Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Shows Them Actually Going To Space

You read that headling correctly… the latest trailer for Fast and Furious 9 actually shows the characters going to space in a hugely modified Pontiac Fiero that we saw in a previous trailer.

This has been teased for a few years now, with the director of Fate of the Furious Gary Gray hinting at such a thing. But now we’ve got video proof in the form of the latest trailer, where we can see Roman Pearce and Tej Parker strapped into a Fierro with a trio of rockets strapped to its flanks. The characters are dressed in budget space suits – duck tape and all – as they press a button that releases the car from its position on top of a military cargo plane. Before it falls back to Earth, the rockets power up and launch it towards space.

On top of this, we see how Sung Kang fits into the new film as a gun-wielding professional before he slips into a bright orange Toyota GR Supra and then straight up blows someone up with an explosive. We also see a short clip of Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto watching a video of Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor playing with his on-screen children.

The film’s been pushed back several times since its initial proposed release date of some time in 2019. It was pushed back to make way for Hobbs and Shaw, then the effects of Covid pushed it further back to 2021. Currently, the release dates sit at June 25th for the USA, and July 8th for UK fans according to Sung’s Garage.

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