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Nissan Z G-Body Makes Us Wish The Sports Car Was Coming To Europe

Nissan fully revealed the new Z last year and fans were overwhelmed to see that it retained the retro styling they were promised. Unfortunately, us across the pond from the US aren’t going to be getting the car thanks to emissions regulations and other boring stuff. But to make us feel a little better about it, one of our favourite renderers Khyzyl Saleem has designed a 240Z G-Nose bodykit – a very rare option for the original sports car – for Hagerty.

1971 brought us the 240ZG as a racing homologation special which featured a new aerodynamic nose, wider fenders to cover larger wheels and tyres, and a rear spoiler. It was incredibly rare and gave the car a whole new look that is adored by any lover of old Japanese sports cars.

Saleem was able to stretch out the frontal design of the current Z and bolt-on fender flares were stitched onto the image as well as a ducktail spoiler at the rear. He adds a number of other details such as bonnet vents and a license plate, then adds Watanabe 8-spoke wheels to finish the design.

It’s finished in a gorgeous white, unlike the original red wine paint job that the original car received, but we prefer Saleem’s option as it really brings out the lines on the bonnet.

Do you think Nissan should offer something similar to really celebrate the return of the Z? We do.

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