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New Chevrolet Crate Engine From Katech Pumps Out 1,159 Horsepower

Premier performance engine and vehicle builder for over 40 years, Katech has been working on something pretty special, specifically the Chevrolet LT5 crate engine, the 6.2 litre V8 that was most famously used in the Corvette C7 ZR1.

Earlier this month they announced their Track Attack LT5 crate motor which, compared to the stock 755 horsepower version, puts out a whopping 1,159 hp with 1,441 Newton-metres of torque. An absolutely massive 40% improvement on an engine which you’d hardly describe as puny.

Here is a list of further upgrades Katech have made to the LT5 crate engine:

  • Choice between Katech’s CNC-ported supercharger (10:3:1) or a Magnuson TBVS 2560 (388 cubic inches, 6.4 litres).
  • 375 cubic inch GM mill with a compression ratio of 10:1:1
  • Pistons curtesy of Diamond Pistons complete with Competition Valves in Katech’s own CNC-Ported cylinder.

Now for the price, well according to Muscle Cars & Trucks, is going to cost you around $18,811. It’s not cheap, but you are getting a GM small block V8 which are incredibly popular with aftermarket tuners for their high power, reliability and compact size. They fit a huge range of vehicles, including cars which would never dream of having this kind of power under the hood.

As well as a great quality, versatile and powerful modified GM V8, you’re also paying for the name.. Katech. Their CV certainly speaks for itself having built the mills for the Corvette Racing Team over the last 40 years. A worthy investment for turning your car into a monster if you ask me.

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