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The Best Car Commercials From The Super Bowl 2020

The Superbowl isn’t only popular for the sport, but to be honest, I would suspect a lot of you are more excited for the commercials that air on the Sunday. At GTN we’re obsessed with cars, obviously, so we’ve put together a collection of the best car commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. Let us know which one was your favourite.

Groundgod Day With The Jeep Gladiator

With its release only on the morning of the Sunday, Jeep wowed us with its commercial that brought us all back to Groundhog day. Bill Murray reprises his iconic role alongside Punxsutawney Phil as they take a day out in the new Jeep Gladiator. It is genius.

A Hero For The Toyota Highlander

With Cobie Smulders featuring in this Toyota Highlander commercial, she’s a super mum alongside a number of other heroes combatting a biological disaster, the wild west and an alien invasion. It’s certainly got something for everyone. 

The Heist With A Porsche

The new Taycan EV is stolen from Porsche’s museum in Stuttgart with two Porsche-clad cops in chase. It’s blisteringly quick with plenty of tyre-squealing action to satisfy any petrol head. 

Let It Go In An Audi E-Tron

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams goes Disney in an Audi E-Tron and, if you’re not already tired by Frozen’s Let It Go soundtrack, you will be after this. Although we can’t help but love Maisie as she drives and belts out the song in one of the most promising EVs of the future.

GMC IS Quiet About The Hummer

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John Legend and his partner Chrissy Tiegan feature in the introduction of the all-electric Hummer. It turns out Hummer is now part of GMC, and while we’ve only been teased to a dark photo of the new car, the real thing will be revealed on May 20 later this year. 

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