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The Gordon Murray designed T50 – The Ultimate Supercar | Gallery

It’s been a long wait, but finally, the T.50 from Gordon Murray is here, and it’s stunning. Here are a few of the key details you need to know before you get stuck in on the gallery.

It looks like a fighter jet, and just like the McLaren F1 designed by Murray, it has a three-seater interior, with the driver’s seat being positioned in the centre of the cockpit. It weighs just 2,174 pounds, has a price of £2.36 million (around $3.08 million before taxes), and behind the driver sits a 3.9-litre V12. This unit can rev to a sensational 12,100 rpm. It’s safe to say we can’t wait to hear this car scream.

The naturally aspirated engine produces 654 horsepower and 344 lb-ft of torque, but the company isn’t looking to be the fastest. No sir, this car is purely for the driving experience. That’d why it’s equipped with a manual. Yep, a manual. Thank God.

On top of that, underneath the car sits a fan that increases ground effect and its special ducting reduces drag. “Next-level aerodynamics allow us to avoid the current supercar trend for exaggerated wings, vents, and ducts,” said Murray.

“I believe no other company could deliver what we will bring to market in 2022; producing this British supercar will be my proudest moment.”

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