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TheStradman’s Lamborghini Aventador Gets Snow Tracks Amazing Winter Fun

The Lamborghini Aventador is one hell of a supercar, not only for its sonorous 6.5-litre V12 that sits behind the driver, but just for the way it sits on the road with its wide stance and aggressive Italian styling. But what happens when you attach some snow tracks just like Richard Hammond did in the latest episode of The Grand Tour?

Popular YouTuber TheStradman finds out what happens when you do this and then rip the Italian supercar around the snow-covered slopes of Utah. It’s safe to say, this is one of the greatest things you could do in a Lambo.

Is A Lamborghini With Snow Tracks Actually Worth it?

Short answer… of course. Surprisingly it bodes well in the deep snow, grappling at what traction it could muster with its engine pulling closer to 700 horsepower. According to the motoring-based YouTuber, this is the first time such a thing has been done successfully, and we’re all the better for watching it come to life on his channel. I have a feeling this is something Jeremy Clarkson would appreciate.

However, when the car isn’t ploughing through snow, things are breaking, such as the transmission, power steering pump, control arms, and a number of carbon fibre trim pieces. Unfortunately, it looks as though Lamborghini didn’t have this in mind when they created their halo supercar.

The Aventador Has A Few Issues

Thankfully, TheStradman, aka Jeffrey Star, thought ahead and managed to attach a tow bar on the car before the fun started. He also attached bracket mounts underneath the car.

But before the car could even make it to the snow, the clutch started burning out. Eventually, while the clutch holds out, the car starts overheating as well with the engine revving so high yet not moving fast enough to cool the powerful powertrain. Plus, the side intakes were slowly getting clogged with snow.

Stuck In The Snow

Eventually, the good luck comes to an end and the car gets such in 18 inches of snow. It turns out that even with specially designed tracks, its low height is still an issue.

Who would have thought…

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