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Watch This 2,900HP Twin Turbo Dodge Viper Destroy A Dyno

A lot of you may think that the 8.0-litre V10 engine of the now legendary Dodge Viper is enough to get the heart going of anyone who drives it. But unfortunately, you would be wrong. Apparently, it takes a couple of turbos to really make this thing scream the way this owner wants it, and wait for it, a total of 2872hp.

This Viper, owned by Sal Patel, is built for pure acceleration and speed, and what a job it does! It was recently taken to a hub dyno, which arguably read a little higher than most other types of dyno, but it still pumps plenty of power into the machine as it inhales all the air it could need. It runs so hot in fact, that the manifolds glow orange towards the end of the video.

According to Bangshift, the car runs on the stock block, which really is insane for these kinds of numbers. It’s just a testament to how good the Viper really is from the factory.

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