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James May Is Giving Away Stuff He Doesn’t Want Anymore (Seriously)

In a recent video, James May has had to deal with his loss of office space by getting rid of a lot of what he’s been collecting over the past years that’s been culminating on his office desk. Now, no longer with his own office desk to clutter, he’s giving it away to you, his lovely viewers.

In his box of things to give away are some small model car kits, some small airplane gliders, a clock that he collected on his travels through Russia, and a LEGO Ford Mustang. On the larger end of the scale is the board game called Escape from Colditz. Finally, is a large ‘build your own V8 engine’ model.

All you’ve got to do to be in for a chance to be sent an item, is give James a reason to send the item to you! What makes you special? Click on the video, go to the YouTube page, and leave a comment there – not on this page! Although if you fancy leaving one on this page, too, then go for it, we won’t complain.

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  1. I much prefer you than Clarkson, hes all sswweeeeet and POoooWer, while your detailed and informative ….slow in a car you may be ,but none the less like a classical orchestra, fine tuned 🤣🤣👍👍👌👌 I’ll have anything you can offer please

  2. Would love to have the v8 engine so me and my son could learn and build. Teach the son how engines work

  3. Well captain slow, I think you should give item #5 the V8 to me cos we’ll I want it!
    I have got eight children but they are not going to get a sniff at it, I’m gonna build it in my cellar on my own and have a bit of me time!!! I deserve it.
    Cheers, all the best

  4. Hi James! Love all the work you have done over the years btw!
    Me and my husband are both petrol heads and board game players, and
    it’s winter here about 7 months of the year, leaving us stuck indoors alot of the time.
    We would love a new board game to try that we’ve never heard of, and the best part is,
    my husband is German so he wont mind playing that part!

  5. I have 2 Camaro’s 93 & 95 but I haven’t driven in them since 2014. Because I found out going to be father and now Camaro’s are just sitting in the garage but my son already claim them and that’s fine with me. I just need help building put them back up to bed as cars, if you could help me out with that. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

  6. May i have the v8 engine what better way to explain how a v8 works to my disabled son please

  7. James,
    I have been a big fan for years and would love the Russian clock. To prove I was a huge fan that has suffered greatly, I watched all of the episodes of American Top Gear…..

  8. Item 6 please.. I would love to build it with my son and nephew.. Both young gear heads and they would absolutely love it.. I would even post a video of the build so you can see their excitement and the experience as well.. Please let me know..

  9. Hello James
    I’d love Item 2 for my son, Alex, who has just started on his aeronautical engineering course at uni. Quite fitting really.
    If you could pop in a signed photo for him too that would probably put him on some sort of ‘Hero Status’ with his uni mates.
    We’re all looking forward to Season 4 in the Clegg household.

  10. James,
    I would really love to receive the V8 engine kit. I built a similar kit as a youngster and need to relive my younger life as I, too, am getting old. My kit came as a pair with a wankel engine, and just like the real thing, it never quite worked properly. If you also have a wankel kit, you can go ahead and keep it. Life is too short for that mess.

  11. Hi James, item 6 would be awesome because it will teach me the internals of an engine and would look great in my garage because I am currently busy with a project where I am doing a 2JZ GTE engine swop in my 1980’s Porsche 924.

  12. Hello James,

    I would like to have item number six just to be able to show my colleagues and friends how real cars work inside in comparation of their electric wheelies and make the ignition sound everytime when they say “But…!” 🙂

    Anyway, I would love to build such a great model.


  13. I would like item one it’s small doesn’t take up a lot of room I can carry it around and show people and Bragg about where it got it and if you could sign it then they would be more jealous PS if yo you happen to have any cars in your collection you don’t need I can make room for it love your shows big fan Have great day

  14. Hello james I’m studying aeronautical engineering, I’m from stoke on trent I would love to have item number 2 so me and my class mates can play around with them.

  15. Hi captain slow.. Loooser lol I wud like anything that isn’t of any interest to you no more, big big fan of the shows you terrible trio feature in and even your own shows.. so anything that you don’t want , I’m sure I can put to good use in my house..

  16. Hello James. I build Lego as it helps with my mental health, and think instead of giving the Lego set and Engine build away you should donate them to a charity or a centre where youngsters can go to unwind and chill out from Mental Health disorders and give them a chance to build these items. Rather than just giving them away. Take care Mr May and enjoy your day. Hellcat_sp.

  17. Hello James, item 6, I’d bom tas tisle, adore. We have engineering in our lives! Let’s build something interesting.


  18. Please send me something. My short and miserable life will be incomplete without your junk.
    Thank You.

  19. I will gladly take anything you are willing to give. I think you are amazing and I love watching your shows and think you are a lovely person. Good luck deciding on who to give your items to, as I know many of us would love to have something to remember you by! Good luck deciding on who gets what!

  20. Hi James big fan…
    I would love to have item No 6 the engine.
    Reason because I’ve just started to rebuild a ford escort 1988 XR3i with my son and this would be a great way for him to see how the engine actually works. This is so I can spend time with him as a father and son session.

  21. James my old buddy……My old BEST Buddy James, can I have one of your Ferrari’s ….. Preferably your new 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale , or your old 458 Italia…. 🙂
    As a last resort I’d take the F430, if you’ve still got it !!

  22. Hi james a long time fan of all your antics i would love something that i could spend time building with my soon to be 5 year old daughter and i am more than happy to send you a video in return of us attempting to build

  23. My dad use to build gilbern cars, in llantwitfardra. I have found the actual first car he owned GTG 333 I am going to arrange a meeting with the current owner with pictures of my dad and that car. He sadly passed away two and a half years ago to cancer. I would love to build the engine in memory of my petrol head dad.

  24. Hello James I would like to have item 5 as I think that looks a great game and I think it may cure my boredom while I wait for the next grand tour. I have been a finatic of top gear and the grand tour since I first saw it but only the original. I would take a bullet for anyone of u whether that be Hammond, Clarkson or u may.

  25. To be honest, I be partial to the lego. But I appreciate anything to add to my vintage toy collection. And the fact of knowing who owned it would. Make it a treasure.

  26. Hi James! Enjoyed your TV shows over the years, fun and… educational.
    While many of your items are obscure and interesting, I’d like to have your Visible V-8 model engine. Wanted one for years and never got one. It would be fun to build along with great nephews, nieces and grandchild. They may only see a V-8 in model form in a few years as they are being lost to new technologies.

    Sorry you lost your office space, a nice office can be a haven of sanity in a world of chaos. Even if I don’t get the model, thanks for the great TV shows and documentaries. You bring sensibility and great fun to the world while educating them too, a rare quality in the media nowadays.

  27. I would the Lego mustang to give to my neighbor as he collects model planes and car made from lego

  28. I love to have item number 6 please. I have a 15 year old that I’m trying to get into cars and bikes. It would be great to show him, in detail, all the components and how it all works.

  29. Being a Porsche owner, the last thing I need is the knowledge of V8 assemblage but my seven year old grandson has been deluded by the son-in-law to only respect American muscle car motors and I can assist him in its construction while expounding eloquently on the benefits of smaller and more competitive boxer power plants.

  30. My son and i love your shows! Also my son is a 5 yr old with an obsession with anything that flies!! So May, may we please have the airplane kits…id also take the mustang even tho i dislike fords!!!!

  31. Hello James,
    I have a peak interest in item 4, the lego kit. I can steal lego parts from my brother and remake the one hammond owns. Then roll it like he would. (On video of course)

  32. I have a young son who is a huge fan of The Grand Tour and the old Top Gear. He’s 13 now and we’ve been watching since he was about 5. I’ve been trying to interest him in building models for a long time but have not been successful. I think model building is a great way for people (young and old) to spend their time. I think if he had a model that came from you he would definitely be interested in building it and that could lead to a positive life change for him.

    For this reason I would love to have item #1 (or any other model-type item you might want to get rid of)


  33. RE: Item 3. Russian Alarm Clock. I have been studying Russian four about 4 years and would love to have this clock because it will help me learn Russian numbers 1-12. All of the clicks that we have in the states only have the American numbers 1-12😅. PS it would mean a lot to me if you would also sign it.

  34. I have anything I can use a hammer on and I in no way said you used to look like piers morgan

  35. I’d like 1 soviet clock please.

    Thank you for your shirts and hair. It gives that extra everything to the show that has no purpose whatsoever – which of course if why it’s the most brilliant piece of broadcasting to ever come out of the BBC or now Bezos network. Thank you for the years of fantastic entertainment – and inspiration to never take anything that seriously except of course where the next pint will come from.


  36. Hi James!

    I need to item 6 (Haynes v8 model) for educational purposes.

    I need to show my wife the concept of suck, squeeze, bang, blow!

    1. James. Could you please also send my lovely husband number 3 so he will realize if he comes to bed at a specific time he might get suck, squeeze, bang, blow….

  37. Hey James, I would love to have item #3. My desk is in need of a clock and I have always wanted to learn how to tell time in Russian….

  38. James, should you be able to find it in your well-travelled heart to bequeath Item #2 to me, you will simultaneously indulge my abiding love of WW2 fighter planes, return to me, albeit briefly, a sliver of my long lost youth, and encourage little styrofoam strafing runs around my office. Please consider!

  39. I’d love the last item, the engine because I’m sure I’m the only one who didn’t fall asleep during your brief explanation of how it works

  40. Hey James, I would like to have item #3. My desk is in need of a clock and I have always wanted to learn how to tell time in Russian…

  41. I would like to ask for that Post-It notes pad. Then I could post many notes in many places to my early 20’s son to tidy up all the mess he makes and to mark what is what in the kitchen.

  42. Fighter plans are cool .. Never won anything in my 71 years. Maybe this will be my lucky day.

  43. Give me something that will solve the depression and loneliness I suffer. Btw big fan of the show.

    Captain Slow is and forever will be a Legend

  44. Good Afternoon

    I am requesting item 4. I am a huge Lego and Mustang fan. It would be very therapeutic building the Mustang while I’m having my chemotherapy treatments.

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