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Jeremy Clarkson Captures James May in Recording Booth During Interview Day

The boys are having fun again as they were guests on Adam Carolla’s podcast and fooling around in the recording booths as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Adam Carolla is a huge petrolhead who has a very popular podcast and fans were invited to call in to ask them questions. The event wasn’t carried live anywhere, so I’m guessing we’re all going to have to wait to hear the interview.

There was a rumor going around that another car blog had an interview with them today as well and that they couldn’t release the interview until October 31st, so this is probably going to be the same case for Carolla’s show.

I’m sure while they were doing interviews with everyone, they had to get into other trouble. Jeremy Clarkson had some fun as James May was doing sound work for what seems to be a GPS app.

Let us know what you think they’re doing and if you know anything about GPS devices that can use Captain Slow’s voice!

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