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Jeremy Clarkson Had To Fight For This Clarkson’s Farm Star To Move From London

Jeremy Clarkson’s partner, Lisa Hogan, revealed in a new interview that she relocated to Diddly Squat Farm as a result of The Grand Tour presenter beginning his farm development plans. She discussed how he persuaded her to relocate from London to his Oxfordshire farm in a fresh new interview.

Lisa was a small but important part of the Clarkson’s Farm series, acting as a lightning rod for Clarkson’s crazy ideas alongside farm manager Kaleb Cooper.

Over eight episodes, the show followed Jeremy and his team as they set out to build a success farming business on his land in Chadlington.

Lisa has now opened up about what it was like moving from London to the small English village after Jeremy decided to give farming his full attention. Not only did he have to pitch the show to Amazon Prime, he also had to pitch the idea to Lisa, who he offered the role of managing the farm shop as “a way of getting me down here”.

Talking to The Times, she admitted that she would have rejected the idea if Jeremy had just asked her to move up to the Chadlington area.

She said: “I think Jeremy wanted me to move down here full-time, but if he’d said that to me I might have just said no.”

She continued: “I said I would do it, but I want to be able to do what I want to do in it.”

She also explained to the outlet that farming has been a severe change in life for her after she moved into a small cottage with Jeremy as their new house was being built.

She lives with Jeremy in a cottage while they’re building their new house. And as they were in such close proximity, her son actually ended up giving Jeremy COVID over Christmas.

On the UK daytime television show, Lisa told the hosts the following:

“My son said: ‘Oh my God, I’m going to kill Jeremy Clarkson’.”

“She then jokingly added: ‘And I said, well, some people will thank you [for that].’”

Fortunately, Jeremy was fine, complaining only of cold symptoms.

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  1. Jeremy is too funny and we all wish him the best. I just hope the local would leave him alone.
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