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Richard Hammond Lined Up For Brand New Show On Channel 4: ‘Crazy Contraptions’

Richard Hammond is getting very busy as he piles on the number of shows he’ll be undertaking over the next year or so. Not only is the presenter working on the upcoming episode of The Grand Tour, but season 2 of Richard Hammond’s Workshop is also on its way. Now, Hammond has confirmed yet another show to add to his roster, and it’s on a channel he’s never worked with before, Channel 4.

Richard Hammond’s Crazy Contraptions is being described as a modern day Robot Wars, as budding engineers from around the UK come together to build contraptions out of anything they can find and compete to find out who’s built the best. Coined as being similar to Brainiac: Science Abuse, Richard Hammond will enjoy this family friendly style.

According to Deadline, it looks as though this will be aired on a Sunday afternoon/evening, and will be for the whole family to enjoy together.

Contestants will be building Chain Reaction Machines from things found around the house with the aim to complete domestic tasks in over-complicated ways. They’ll have access to a full workshop and a home setup for them to test their machines. Each week will bring a new challenge, and at the end of each episode they will showcase their design to the judges.

They’ll be judged on their ingenuity, design and build-quality, and one team each week will go home, leaving the competition. On the 7th and final episode of the show, a winning team will be crowned.

Zach Umperovitch will be joining Hammond for this show after being described as “the world’s leading authority on Chain Reaction Machines” by Channel 4.

During lockdown, Hammond admitted he tried to build something similar to this, but his “failed attempt made me appreciate the talent, creativity and determination shown by our teams.

“I’m convinced the series will be a great watch for all the family, not only providing totally left field entertainment, but also presenting science and engineering in a fun and accessible manner.”

Optomen Co-CEO Nick Hornby, the backer of this project, said: “There is something truly magical about watching Chain Reaction Machines in action, but to get to that point requires ingenious design, first class building skills and a bit of luck.”

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