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The Grand Tour Season 4 Release Date Revealed By Producer Andy Wilman

The Grand Tour is going through big changes this year. They’re undergoing format changes with the tent and studio segments being completely replaced by larger scale special episodes. This of course  therefore means no news segment (as far as we know), no celebrities, and no track.

On top of this, they’ve got a new production company doing all the tricky bits, and because of this, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond can focus more on writing and filming these upcoming episodes, as well as their solo projects.

The Grand Tour Season 4 Release Date Revealed By Producer Andy Wilman
– Andy Wilman, Executive Producer, left.

This is a hard task, though. There was a reason why they only do one or two special episodes a year, and that’s because it takes so much work and time to not only write and film them, but to edit and produce them. This unfortunately means that, according to Executive Producer Andy Wilman, there will only be two episodes a year for the time being.

The first episode, which is currently being edited by Wilman and his team, will be coming out for Christmas this year. While he admits Amazon ultimately has the final say as to when the episodes go up, he expects the second episode to be published Spring time.

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“First one’s Christmas,” Wilman told Freddy Clode. “Then the next one will be Spring.

“Basically at the minute it’s a bit loose. We give them to Amazon and they put them out when they want to.

“This one at the minute is an hour and three quarters. It was two hours and a quarter when I did my first cut.”

We can’t wait for the new season, and I’m sure you, our reader, can’t wait either!

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  1. Truly gutted.
    I appreciate and respect the work they give, and can’t help but want for more.

    I can only hope is not the trios decision, and hope they put their own thing out via drivetribe.

    I watched Hammond and May get pissed and build lego on the net.
    Their banter was better than most other crap on the net and TV. short…. Do whatever shows you like, just put more out there.
    We NEED you.

  2. Only Two episodes and cut down by half an hour from the original cut? Not impressed with that at all!
    Thought going to Amazon meant the trio would have more control and more airtime, guess thats not the case, seems the american paymasters have done to them what happened to US Topgear & killed it because of Audience Polls of dumb Americans who dont know what they’re watching, dont get the clever british humour and comaraderie etc, pathetic!

  3. The three lads- no tent, no race track, on conversational corner. What the. This is also looking like my last year with Amazon.

  4. While I am looking forward to watching those episodes, I also find this quite disappointing. They really got it down to a science on what worked on the Old Top Gear. Personally, from what I saw on the last episode of season 3, I’m wondering if Jeremy is burned out doing this show. I agree I like the big adventures, but their driving around in cheap cars doing silly challenges was the best.

  5. I’ve seen every single episode from the beginning showed this show to friends who in turn did the same and not ashamed to say it’s been my favorite show since day 1 and it’s sad to see it starting to fade out. Or at least it seems too be . And if it is I’ll be there watching as long as they do it .god bless a for life fan thanks for everything guys hope you never stop

  6. Damn. I’ve been restricting myself to not watch every episode so I can spread the joy. (Annoyingly yesterday got to the emotional last one on series three). Not sure how I’ll spread two shows over a year.

    I loved Top Gear, but they seem to have improved it ten fold!

    Still, 2 shows is better than none.

  7. Big big fan of the trio since they got together and I know they have there own projects but two shows a year? Losing the tent? That was there strength there chemistry!
    Ive no doubt the specials will be fantastic but we’ve lost 80% of the hole and its really sad.
    I don’t know if it was a decision made by Amazon or the trio to only do the specials but I believe its going to hurt the overall viewing figures and the dedicated fan base,
    I a loyal and dedicated fan can only hope in time we get back to the original brilliant format.

  8. Seriously, NO EBOLADROME??? 😱 No sheep, no old lady’s house!!! That’s so sad! I have the T-shirt from my son!!! We ALL watched! Very disturbing 😢

  9. I don’t really care if it’s 2 hours and a quarter long, I’d sit through all day of the specials as think they are so funny 😂

  10. Since when do two episodes make a season? It’s not even a mini-series.

    I fear this the end… the fat lady is warming up.

  11. Surely they can do more than two a year. Like others, it was because of The Grand Tour that I signed up for Amazon Prime in the first place. Please rethink the number of episodes. We really look forward to watching Jeremy, James, and Richard.

  12. It’s not really a “season” with only 2 episodes. That sounds more like 2 stand-alone specials. I too decided to get Amazon Prime for this show, along with Amazon shipping discounts. I find myself watching less and less on Amazon. Much of their programming requires paying yet another fee on top of the Prime membership. I will probably cancel my membership and try another streaming service with more shows that don’t require a payment on top of payment.

  13. Unfortunately the Special episodes are boring, I like the news. Guess it is time to retire this one from my watch list.

  14. I’m sure the show’s will be great but the biggest part of the entertainment was the three blokes joking around at the tent, poking fun at each other, talking about cars. It’s a car show.

    Why this change?

    1. Really? You thought the most entertaining parts were in the tent? I thought they were decent segments but what most of us want to see is them out on an adventure and poking fun at each other.

    2. Fernando, I liked the TENT SCENE too but audience polling didn’t so it was pulled. Same reason they got rid of the AMERICAN.

  15. I think as much as only getting 2 Episodes a year Is sad in a way. We also have their own individual projects to look forward to

  16. Well now that my addiction will be limited, I’ll have to turn to heroin or something equally destructive!

  17. Love the show and it’s the only reason I have an amazon subscription but if it’s only 2 episodes a year it won’t be worth keeping my Amazon so I think they just lost a customer with this announcement 🙁

    1. I agree, it was the only thing worth watching on Amazon all the other stuff on there is s!!!!, unless you want to pay watch a old movie

  18. I love the show as it is, but I have always looked forward to, and loved the specials even more! I’m glad the grand tour team is doing more specials. Keep up the great work guys!

  19. I love the show it’s my favorite show on Amazon I love every one of them I’m so glad they’re coming back

  20. Jeez, how come Andy Wilman, executive producer, gets name checked but me, Jim Graham, Desert Dingo Racing, who took the selfie, isn’t?

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