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Porsche Recalling 43,000 Cars After Bug That Causes Complete Power Loss While Driving

After rumours circulated within the industry, it’s been confirmed that Porsche has recalled around 43,000 Taycans after a bug was found that caused complete power loss. This occurred after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects Investigation received a high number of complaints after owners of the all-electric sports car were affected. 

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Nine of these complaints involved the car losing all power while still moving on the road. Six complaints mentioned the car failing to turn back on again. But while this all seems incredibly dangerous, no one has been reported to have been hurt by these issues. 

These bugs have affected both the Taycan sedan and Taycan Cross Turismo, with both the 71.0-kWh or 83.7-kWh battery pack options. 

Fortunately for owners, the bug can be fixed by taking the car to the dealership for them to install a free update. The update takes an hour to install, however the car is drivable while it does this. New Taycans will come with this update pre-installed from the dealership. 

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