Road Rover Incoming From Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is in the midst of a number of rumors stating that they are developing a vehicle that is not an SUV. The new upcoming car will be called the Road Rover and will be an all electric luxury car with “some” all-terrain functionality. As of now, the rumors point to a late 2019 debut window.

The upcoming Road Rover harkens back to the Rover brand of yesteryear, which eventually became MG Rover. They made some mid-high end cars but eventually was sold to Ford, then Tata.

The new Road Rover would be developed alongside the new Jaguar XJ so they would share the same platform. It will target the Chinese market and also markets such as California (otherwise known as the land of posh SUVs that have never seen a surface other than tarmac).

The Road Rover will be billed as a Mercedes-Benz S Class competitor in terms of luxury, but like mentioned above, it will still attempt to maintain some form of it’s offroad signature. JLR intends to take advantage of the Road Rover’s electric engine to deliver impressive on-road performance.

After the initial launch, JLR intends to develop a whole line of vehicles stemming from the Road Rover, which will feature more car-like and road-friendly vehicles that are still rugged.



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