Jeremy Clarkson Sparks Controversy After Heated Twitter Argument

It seems as though we’ve been inundated with controversy from The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson this month. We’ve had his cycling argument, his BBC salary, and countless others. But now he’s involved in yet another argument with a Twitter account called Campaign For Socialism.

Jeremy’s yearly tradition of reminding teenagers that exams aren’t the be all and end all of life has angered a few Twitterers. The retweet above, though, sparked a reply from Jeremy who was keen to  put this account in its place.

Quick to point out the immaturity of the initial tweet, Clarkson replied with, “Yes. I’m sure that’s true. And if you go to a state school you end up down the pit. Grow up.”

Of course, there will always be people who will put down others’ success, including Dan Bambridge who was trying his best to find find a reason behind Clarkson’s success in the motoring industry.

In fact, Dan is completely wrong in what he’s saying. Clarkson was approached by Jon Bentley, a researcher for the Top Gear of that era. He later became a producer and was more than happy for Jeremy to join the team.

Do you think people should maybe focus on their own lives rather than putting down someone’s life work? We think this might be the way forward.

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